Fear not, it has nothing to do with the eponymous Netflix show! Our thirteen reasons will actually help you make the most of a tradeshow and obtain earned media coverage that will not only give your brand exposure and public notice – it is also a synonym of credibility and brand solidity!
But before we start, let us give you a rundown of the IFA tradeshow, in the unlikely event that you’ve never heard of it. As ubiquitous as the word “tech” itself, IFA is Europe’s leading tradeshow for consumer electronics and home appliances, aka THE place to be if you’re a brand in the tech sector. Pretty much since its inception in 2001, Open2Europe’s multinational team has been at IFA alongside its tech-based clients to support them in all press and influencer activities.

  1. We prepare your media plan months in advance
    At Open2Europe, tradeshows like IFA are like Christmas and we start ringing Santa earlier than we’d like to admit to make sure he’ll slide right down our chimney! A solid and effective PR strategy takes months to be put together and requires a lot of brainstorming, experimenting with different angles, relentless pitching and scouring our databases for the right allies. This ensures that by the time you set up camp at the venue, we are well aware of your preferred media strategy and all participants will have been appropriately prepared to face the sometimes scary behemoth that is the media. But rest assured that we’ll be on your side to guide you through the entire process with one main goal always in mind: helping you get positive coverage!
  2. We help you select and train your spokespeople
    Public speaking is a pervasive nightmare for many people, but with the right training you can be your brand’s most reliable and convincing ambassador. Speaking to the media in an interview setting implies following certain guidelines and avoiding numerous faux-pas. Are you disclosing too much? Not enough? How do you respond when faced with a legitimate counterargument? These are all frequent questions we can help find answers for to help you be ready to face any interviewer and to keep your anxiety in check in the days leading up to its publication. Remember that if you know how to properly relay your message, chances of it being slanted and turned against you are low!
  3. We draft all PR material according to your strategy and give you our input
    Whether you decide to trust us with the creation of all of your PR material or just part of it, we guarantee that you’ll always have the upper hand on the message you want to convey. A PR agency is synonymous with important input when it comes to communication skills, message structuring and multinational localization, something that you might not have the resources to do internally. We often say that journalists speak a very peculiar language and that you need to learn how to speak it if you want to get their attention – no worries, we’re experts at doing just that!
  4. We up your social media game
    Barely had the time to snap a picture of your stand the moment you popped the bubbly to celebrate your tradeshow debut? Next time, you can relax as you sip that (hopefully French) bubbly. Our dedicated social media team will not only capture your best moments but guide you through the most effective social media strategies, hashtags, viral-worthy content and wow-factor posts that will quadruple the number of clicks you’re getting. Your influence experts are also here to connect you with all kinds of influencers in your field, from social media stars to nano influencers with a cult following in the very niche electronic pet community (yes, it actually exists!)
  5. We put you in direct contact with a team leader and an entire pan-European team
    You sign only one contract, and in exchange you get an entire team of experts from all regions with a know-how that extends far beyond PR! Ever wondered who the main lifestyle influencers in Denmark are? Where to book the trendiest showrooms in Italy? What social media networks the Portuguese use the most? (spoiler alert: very few use Instagram!) This collective expertise is crucial if you plan on relaying your message across Europe.
  6. We disseminate your message across the countries and continents you want to target
    The Tower of Babel might be a fictitious infrastructure, but its implied effects are not – globalization has declared English the universal language, but you will soon find that the vast majority of local media outlets still operate in their native language and abide by very specific cultural codes. Certain journalists simply cannot read English, others produce faulty translations and others simply prioritize communications in their mother tongue. The language barrier is only the tip of the iceberg, though. Each country and region operates in a certain way and we are here to advise on how to make the most of that. This often overlooked aspect of intercultural communication is called localization and holds the key to sending a message that will resonate with the local consumer groups. Fun example? The French drink Champagne yearlong, whereas Southern Europeans consider it a holiday season drink – better have your PR tools all set around Christmas time for this area if you want to target the Spaniards!
  7. We pitch your concept to the press, follow up and encourage product tests
    Things always work best when there’s a certain prior product and company awareness and that’s exactly what we do in the months leading up to the big event. We work on media lists, scour the internet and print supports for previous coverage, identify key contacts and start a pitch campaign that might or might not include product tests. We also gain access to previous databases, target frequent participants, find out who will attend the tradeshow this year and focus our efforts on sparking their interest and making sure they’ll at least drop by your stand to see for themselves. But what about those who won’t be there, are you possibly missing out on important leads? Definitely not! If they are within your target, you can be sure we will pitch your concept to them too and offer a test, a phone or email interview or embargoed info they can publish the day of a major unveil or announcement.
  8. We organise interviews and make sure your press conference gets media attention
    If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? As communicators, our answer is a categoric no. The same thing applies to your major product unveil and/or strategic conference. We reach out to your target media and make sure they are aware of your schedule and free to attend. We secure you interviews depending on your KPIs and availability and provide you with a complete schedule in the form of a media briefing so you know who’s who, the media outlet they work for, the topic they’re interested in, as well as any relevant background info on their previous coverage of the subject – this is particularly important if they’re known detractors so we can help you best prepare your counterarguments!
  9. We work with our native (in this case German) consultants to advise you on the best logistics
    Thinking of inviting key media contacts or influencers? But how do you bring them to the tradeshow? Where do they stay? Do you take them out for dinner with your representatives? But where do you go? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Open2Europe has been present in most major tech tradeshows in the world for almost twenty years now. For every international tradeshow, we work with a team of native consultants who handle all the logistics and make sure your press trip won’t be a flop! From booking local hotels to transport, including tips about the best, most buzz-worthy local restaurants and activities and making sure no one gets lost along the way, you can be sure everything is taken care of.
  10. We send one or more dedicated consultants to assist you in all PR activities during the event
    Does the thought of keeping a stand in a gargantuan tradeshow like IFA make you slightly nervous? Will you be able to respond appropriately to all press inquiries? Will you possibly let interesting leads escape like sand slipping through your fingers? That’s one more good reason to have your dedicated PR team in loco. Like we mentioned, all of our PR consultants are at least bilingual (the majority being trilingual) and can interact with journalists from most major European countries so you will waste no interesting leads because of a linguistic malfunction. They brief the hosts/hostesses, collect media leads, relay your marketing message in a real-life setting using the appropriate vocabulary and communication strategy. If you wish to keep an announcement under embargo for a select group of top tier media, your dedicated PR consultants will help you oversee and carry out the entire process, monitoring for any leaks in the meantime.
  11. We double as press event planners
    Jack/Jane of all trades is every Open2Europe’s team member’s middle name! Your duties as a brand representative at the tradeshow leave you very little time to work on logistics? That’s one worry you can cross off your list. Your dedicated team leader will handle it for you and not only make sure your guest KPIs are met, but also assist you in making the entire thing happen: we’ll help you pick the appropriate venue, select a catering provider, prepare the goodie bags, brief the staff, welcome the guests, manage the guest lists, etc. Everybody needs an extra pair of hands every now and then – and if you plan on doing a press or influencer event, better trust a pro!
  12. We handle any crisis situation like pros
    When exposure is a liability: whether you’re a veteran or a rookie to the PR game, you may already know that getting all the buzz is sort of like standing unarmed in front of a very inconspicuously sharp public eye. Your strengths will be praised, lots of people will learn about your product, but chances are certain media outlets will want to compare it to competitors, dig into your concept, manufacturing processes and business practices and possibly bring up certain aspects that will result in bad publicity. Our PR teams are well-versed in this type of potential outcome and will help you prepare your counterarguments and defense so that you can interact with the media on equal ground. As a matter of fact, the world of communication has certain codes and customs that are, more often than not, unspoken but quite important to follow if you want to maintain a good reputation with the press. A PR consultant’s job is also to coach you on this aspect and help you find the right formula to hack your way through a crisis situation. Note that these unspoken codes might be different across borders, reason why, depending on the markets that you target, you will be put in contact with a team of native consultants that will relay your message to the local press using the applicable etiquette and modus operandi.
  13. We follow up on all media leads and keep working on raising media attention post-tradeshow
    Congrats, you made it through your first tradeshow – what now? Chances are you met lots of curious journalists and your pockets are ripping at the seams from the weigh of all those business cards. Your product caused a certain hoopla – you gained momentum and you don’t want to lose it, so what where do you go from here? Rest assured that this was just the beginning of your rise in the tech ranks! Your dedicated team will remain by your side and follow up on all those leads for you. We will keep pitching your major unveil, follow up with journalists and influencers who received test units, reach out to those who didn’t have the chance to visit your stand and offer them a test or additional info, monitor the web and print platforms on a daily basis for publication and keep you updated on tone and emphasis. Depending on what the initial reaction is, we can then work together to fine-tune your message, singling out both fans and detractors and decide on how to prepare for your next challenge.