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International independent communication agency specialising in Press Relations, Influence and Digital communication

Press Relations

In our press relations agency, PR is the keystone of your communication strategy, whatever your objectives in terms of visibility, notoriety or reputation.
Our mission: define your messages and set-up your speeches with target journalists and media (on and offline press, written or audio-visual, national or regional, general or specialised).

Brand Management

Today, information travels at the speed of light. Open2Europe offers to take charge of the analysis and management of your brand image in order to adapt your communication according to the perceptions of the different target audiences, in real time.


Open2Europe offers the right content at the right time.
High added value brand content capable of fuelling your brand DNA and storytelling your successes.


Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) are now essential communication platforms for brands and their e-reputation.
Our mission: to support you in your social media strategy by offering you impactful content for your community, animate your networks and manage moderation.

Influencer Relations

Indispensable and prescribers of trends, influencers must be part of your communication strategy.
Our missions: to advise you, select the right influencers, follow them and mobilise them to make them real levers of visibility and business.

Social Listening

Social listening allows a company to be aware of everything that is said about it on the web, especially on various social media (social networks, blogs, forums, etc.)
Our mission: to list, analyse and compare data in order to improve your online reputation, while meeting the needs of your customers.

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