Media Training Agency

In order to be at your best and be prepared for media relations, our team of media trainers and journalists offers three public speaking training programs:

How to succeed while speaking with the media

  • Getting to know the medias and the journalists
  • Learn how to prepare your speech
  • Know how to structure an effective and punchy speech
  • Be confident and control your image

How to succeed in public speaking

  • Express yourself clearly
  • Attract, hold and convince
  • Develop your charisma
  • Learn to overcome your emotions

How to manage a crisis communication

  • Recognise the signs of a crisis situation
  • Acquire the right reflexes to react to a crisis
  • Anticipate to avoid a crisis
  • Knowing how to communicate with the media

Available in several languages, our training programmes are customised to meet your exact needs, whatever your sector of activity. Our pan-European expertise allows us to adapt our training to the countries in which you operate.