Influence Marketing Strategy Agency

Being visible, desirable, rich in content, etc., are now the requirements of brands that wish to continue to exist on their own. Nowadays, having a strong reputation is not enough to be well integrated into the web landscape, which is the whole point of the Influence Marketing Strategy.

This digital transformation as well as the appearance of influencers and then of the Influence Marketing Strategy has profoundly changed the way of understanding and managing communication and public relations.

We listen to your issues and help you to decipher your media impact and your online presence in order to provide you with original solutions that meet your needs.

Whether you are a start-up, a large group, a public or private organisation, our experts advise you and design customised influence strategies based on our different areas of expertise – brand content, media relations, blogger and influencer relations, social media and e-reputation – to serve your interests and your communication objectives: to promote and sell your products and services, to develop your image or your intangible capital, to strengthen your employer brand, to improve your natural referencing, to create and develop your brand community, etc.