E-reputation Agency

E-reputations is a content and targeting strategy allowing you to ensure an online presence, to influence others and to exchange with a community on niche subjects in order to position yourself as an expert.

Monitoring your E-reputation through an online presence

Open2Digital’s operational and web marketing know-how means that we can provide a perfectly balanced service and keep a close eye on content. This allows us to moderate the reactions of our followers with dynamism and to bounce back on hot topics in order to assert a value-added presence while monitoring your own E-reputation.

Our job: monitoring your digital campaign

All campaigns are managed by a pair of Community Managers and a media strategy specialist; we provide you with a weekly and monthly activity report (S.M.A.R.T: Social Media Activity Report Tracking).

An international service

As a web marketing agency of Open2Europe, Open2Digital benefits from the expertise of communication consultants with extensive European field experience. The management of multi-country communication campaigns remains THE specific speciality of the Open2Europe agency and its subsidiaries. The group is also present in Asia, America and Africa.