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Press Release

Open2Europe can assist you in writing and distributing press releases on all international markets thanks to the various teams of consultants that come from 20 different countries.

The press release is one of the main press relations tools for journalists. Its purpose is to inform them of news or important facts that are sufficiently important to be shared on a large scale: new products, major events, new strategic orientations, statements in reaction to the news, etc.

The press release must be a concise and impactful document that aims to deliver a single message, sufficiently relevant and worthy of interest, to be relayed to a target of journalists likely to carry your messages.

In the age of the social networks, the press release can be posted partly or fully by online media. Therefore, it is vital to digitise the press release by adding dedicated content: keywords, diagrams, visuals, videos or web links to increase your visibility and improve your natural referencing.

Open2Europe can also help you to draw up a press kit, which is a complementary tool to the press release.