Digital Strategy Agency

Open2Digital deploys the necessary means to create and develop your Digital Strategy & Influence through the web and social networks

Some key points to a successful Digital Strategy:

Divide and target to better influence
A blogger, an influencer or an active member of social networks (journalist, personality, expert, tweeters or Instagrammers, etc.) will address a community that is committed to and attracted by his or her editorial line. Some are very specialised in fashion, beauty or technology. It is therefore recommended to adapt your messages to each particular audience, or even to each influencer, in order to reach ultra-targeted audiences who are generally loyal to the information conveyed by the influencer or delivered on the blog.

Produce quality content to create buy-in
Thanks to their audience, influencers will serve as a sounding board for your messages, but more than that, they can become real amplifying relays of your influence, especially via social networks. To do this, you need to convey value-added content to the right target via the right channels and at the right time. The regular readers of a blog, the followers of a Twitter or Instagram account or the fans of a Facebook page will only massively relay information if it seems interesting, relevant, creative and new.