SEM Agency: Search Engine Marketing

Our digital team helps you optimise your brand's ranking on search engines with an effective SEM strategy

The acronym SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to all the techniques used to optimise the referencing of a brand or a company on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…).

The formula for a good SEM strategy is as follows SEM = SEA + SEO + SMO

SEA Agency (Search Engine Advertising)

Paid search remains an essential part of your web marketing strategy. Whether via Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads or other search engine advertising networks, our digital team will guide and support you in the search for relevant keywords, and then in setting up your sponsored ads, in order to help you optimise your reputation and increase your business.

SEO Agency (Search Engine Optimisation)

Also known as Search Engine Optimisation, SEO is a strategy for attracting organic traffic to your website. This part of SEM does not cost you any money, but it does take some time Our digital team will take care of this mission by using several techniques that will allow your website to appear among the first results / pages on search engines by keywords.

SMO Agency (Social Media Optimisation)

SMO represents the optimisation of the use of social networks, in a SEM logic. It consists of developing your visibility and e-reputation on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…) with the implementation of advertising campaigns that will generate traffic to your website.
Our agency Open2Digitalwill help you develop a social media strategy (creation of a blog and profiles on social networks, in order to generate quality and diversified backlinks to your website…