Pioneering French plant-based fillet to be sold in 165 Coop stores in Switzerland

Umiami, a French foodtech brand specialised in plant-based alternatives to animal products, is
available in the Coop Group’s chain of stores in Switzerland, with listings in 165 points of sale. For
this partnership, FFF Fresh & Frozen Food wanted to highlight Umiami’s image. Usually marketed
as a white label product, Umiami’s plant-based chicken fillet will exceptionally be distributed in
packaging bearing the start-up’s name and colours.

Umiami plant-based chicken fillets now available in Switzerland

Foodtech founded in 2020 by Tristan Maurel, Martin Habfast and Clémence
Pedraza, Umiami specialises in the production of plant-based alternatives to
animal meat.

Using its proprietary umisation technology, the company has developed a 100%
plant-based product in fillet form that mimics meat in every way (taste, texture,
colour, juiciness, etc.) with under 10 ingredients and no texturing agents or

Their aim? To provide a tasty alternative to help lifelong meat-eaters in their
transition towards a more plant-based diet. And in so doing, to help to protect
the climate, animal welfare and improve public health.

The brand’s first product on the market is the analogue chicken fillet. Thanks to
its unique shape and texture, this ground-breaking product offers consumers a
wide range of menu choices. Whether grilled, breaded, fried, marinated or in
sauce, Umiami chicken fillets will delight even the most discerning of gourmets.

Launch by FFF Fresh & Frozen Food in Umiami colours

FFF Fresh & Frozen Food, a Swiss distribution specialist, has chosen to launch its new product in Umiami colours and
under the Umiami name to raise its profile on the Swiss market. In an exceptional move, the analogue chicken fillet,
usually sold as a white label product, will be distributed in packaging bearing the start-up’s brand image.

Switzerland, a buoyant market* :

The Swiss market has seen a sharp rise in the take-up of plant-based products in recent years, with 63% of consumers
choosing to adopt a flexitarian diet, compared with 40% in 2012.
27% of the Swiss population regularly eat vegan substitutes and 54% of diners have already tried similar products.
The consumption of plant-based meat, which has been firmly rooted in Swiss culture for a number of years now, has
gone beyond being just a trend. Plant-based meat is now a permanent fixture on supermarket shelves.

Initial launch across 165 stores

Thanks to FFF Fresh & Frozen Food, Umiami will be listed across the Coop network, a major retail player in Switzerland
and leader in mass distribution, established over 150 years ago. Its supermarkets, specialist formats and online shops
cover all needs. Coop is a household name in Switzerland.

The Umiami plant-based chicken fillet will be sold in 165 of the brand’s stores, mainly urban concepts located in the
heart of Switzerland’s largest towns and cities. The product will be available in over 20 stores in Zurich, 9 in Basel, 6 in
Berne, 6 in Basel and 4 in Geneva. The location of the shops will also enable them to cover all Swiss regions.
To pique shoppers’ interest in this new product, a 10% discount will apply for the first few weeks.

« It’s a real mark of recognition that our product has been selected by experts in the distribution and retail
sectors. This choice not only proves that our technology meets a real demand, but also that the major Swiss
food industries are sensitive to our commitments. This first official partnership motivates us to go even further
and to continue to innovate in support of our beliefs and our customers’ expectations.”
Tristan Maurel, founder and CEO of Umiami

« I was really impressed by the founding team at UMIAMI and their approach. We are convinced that their
technology provides a solid foundation for future product innovation. We look forward to continuing to
create and launch exceptional products together. Stay tuned!”
Thomas Wirth, CEO at FFF Fresh & Frozen Food AG